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Data Paradigm Shift #4: Are You Doc Hudson or Lightning McQueen When It Comes to Your Data Thinking?

September 12, 2023
In the movie Cars, Lightning McQueen cannot make a left turn on a dirt track because he has only ever raced on asphalt...

Data Paradigm Shift #3: Doing Data Right Begins at the Data Source, Not the Data Lake

August 25, 2023
You will know if your organization is doing the right things with data when you see the results of good data, such as:...

Data Paradigm Shift #1: Elevate Data Governance by Choosing People for the Altitude of the Work

July 31, 2023
In today's data-driven world, it is imperative organizations do the right things with data for data to be successful....

The Last Thing Your Company Needs is a Data Strategy

June 15, 2023
I admit it. I am a recovering data strategist, guilty of creating data strategies. But, I have changed my ways and will...

Data-Driven Disruption: Embrace a Chief Data Officer and Ditch the CIO

June 14, 2023
In today's data-centric business landscape, traditional roles and structures are often no longer sufficient to harness...

How Did Your Company Respond to Its Last "Rapid, Unscheduled Disassembly?"

May 19, 2023
On April 20, 2023, about a minute after liftoff, SpaceX tweeted that Starship had cleared the launchpad and was on its...

3 Keys to an Awesome Data Roadmap - Part 1: Data Readiness

January 10, 2023
This first in a series of articles on the three key components of an effective data roadmap will explore how data...

Receive the latest insights from Tim and The iBusiness Group