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Do data and technology right the first time -- or, the next time.

Providing the Leadership, Value, and Outcomes

So Your Data and Technology Work for You!

Move from a Failed Legacy State...

1. Our systems make it so hard to do business with us.”

2. “Our systems don’t talk to each other so we spend excessive time gathering data in Excel

3. “I can’t find the data I need to run my business.”

4. “Every IT project runs into data problems and many projects fail.”

5. “Everything has to go through the data or IT team and it takes so long to get anything done.”

6. We spend a lot of money on data and technology and don’t have anything to show for it.”

7. “Our data is so locked down no one can get to it.”

The iBusiness Group. Data at the Center of IT. Doing the Right Things with Data.

...To a Modern Approach That Works!

1. Seamless, frictionless experiences loved by customers and partners

2. Tangible business value from data and technology

3. Data is a high-quality, reusable business asset

4. Execute projects with excellence and enable the business to do more with data

5. The right people in the right roles doing the right things with data

6. Projects are strategically-aligned and deliver what is promised

7. Data privacy and security that protect and serve the business

Services Tailored to What's Best for You.

New Opportunities on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

Fractional or Interim Leadership
Providing data-centric technology leadership.

  • Business strategy alignment
  • Business value proposition
  • Strategy and roadmaps for data, analytics,  AI, and technology
  • Data/technology team hiring
  • Data culture, literacy, and maturity
Performance Improvement on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

Coaching and Advisory Value-Add
Maximizing the value from data & technology.

  • Data governance creation
  • Org/op model optimization
  • Data and technology readiness, including for AI
  • Data privacy, security, and compliance
  • Data/technology execution excellence
Data Management on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

Workshop and Project Outcomes
Delivering specific outcomes for your needs.

  • KPIs, metrics, and scorecards
  • Business process optimization and automation
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Architecture modernization
  • Tool and technology selection

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"The company that wins will be the one that can quickly and accurately communicate, influence, and anticipate what is happening at every point along their customer journey."

Tim Brands, founder of The iBusiness Group


What People are Saying

"The iBusiness Group's multi-disciplinary approach is comprehensive and doesn't leave things to chance."

Director of IT

"Strategically, Tim sees things before others do."

Chief Executive Officer

"The iBusiness Group's work was a game-changer for us."

Chief Executive Officer

"Tim's communication style bridged the gap between our business teams and IT."

Vice President

"You made sense out of our business."

Chief Financial Officer

"Tim's unique ability is that he sees complexity simply."

Lead Product Architect

"Tim was quick to comprehend our value proposition in the market place and was willing to partner in ways where everyone was successful."

Strategic Account Executive

"Tim stayed focused on what he was asked to deliver while also not losing site of how that solution needed to fit into a larger business strategy and IT strategy."

Director of IT

"Tim was key to our digital transformation."


What does it look like when data is done well?

More profitable customer experiences.
Higher confidence in your decisions.
Less manual data work.
A return on your data and technology investments.
Successful data and IT project outcomes.


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